Tips for Buying Truck Scales in Baltimore

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b-m-scale_callout_12-1-12Sometimes known as weightbridges, truck scales in Baltimore make it possible to determine the exact weight of goods that are loaded into a container or trailer. This is important, since the total weight of the goods plus the weight of the truck will play a role in determining the type of route the trucker must take in order to make the delivery. Here are a few things to keep in mind when investing in new scales.

Materials Used for the Platform

Part of the design for a truck scale includes the selection of the right platform. The most common options are steel or concrete. The idea is to invest in a platform that is capable of supporting the weight of the trailer while the calculations are determined. When the scale is likely to see a great deal of use, such as at entry points to toll bridges, having a platform that is composed of solid steel is often the best bet.

Above Ground or In Pit Design

Another point to ponder is whether the Truck scales in Baltimore should come with a platform that is mounted above ground level or if a pit design is a better option. The benefit of the pit approach is that the platform is level with the road, making it easy to drive directly onto the platform. With an above ground design, it is necessary to include a ramp for the driver to maneuver the truck onto and then off of the platform.

Weight Monitor Functions

Always check the functions and features found on the weight monitor. Many designs offered by B and M Scale Inc. will calculate two weight measurements. Using what is known as an axle truck scale, it is possible to determine how much of the total weight is the truck and trailer, and how much is the goods in transit. This can be important in terms of deciding if the truck is overweight due to the goods.

In addition, opt for a scale that includes the ability to create a printed copy of the weight report. Along with saving the data electronically, the printed report can be provided to the driver. This helps to ensure that there is no miscommunication about the results.