Tips For Calming Your Little One When Visiting the Kids Dentist

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It is not uncommon for your little one to feel nervous when visiting the kids’ dentist near Eastvale. Your child is going to need your reassurance before and during their appointment. Use these tips to keep your child calm when visiting the pediatric dentist.

Keep Discussions Simple and Comforting

It is important to keep discussions about the appointment simple and comforting. You want to avoid words associated with dental tools or procedures because their dentist can explain everything at the appointment. If your child asks about the appointment, let them know that their dentist is going to check and count their teeth.

Role Play as a Dentist

One idea to comfort your child is to role-play as a dentist before the appointment. You can show your child how the dentist checks and counts their teeth. After your turn, let your child pretend to be a dentist. They can even check and count your teeth to get a better idea of what to expect during their appointment.

Let Them Bring a Comfort Item

It also helps to let your child bring a comfort item to their appointment. This could be a teddy bear or action figure, or maybe they want to bring their tablet or favorite book. The key is to help your child feel calm during their appointment, and a comfort item can go a long way when they are nervous.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment with a kid’s dentist near Eastvale, contact Kids Dental Specialists. Visit to learn more about this practice and schedule an appointment for your child.