Tips for Choosing a Quality Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills CA

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Roofing

Do you know how to tell if you are hiring a quality Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills CA? While you can ask your friends and family members for referrals and check in the yellow pages or online, but when you have two or three estimates, how do you know which one you should choose? To make this difficult decision a bit easier, use the tips here.

Years in Business

Once a roofing contractor has been in business for a few years, they will have a solid understanding of their industry. While you should not automatically rule out a new contractor, you need to be sure they have the knowledge, equipment and ability to handle your particular roofing project.

Location of the Business

There are far too many roofing contractors that operate without a permanent business location. In most cases, these are not legitimate or licensed contractors. When you find a Roofing Contractor in Chino Hills CA that has a permanent address, phone number, tax ID and business license, you can feel confident that you have located a quality service.


Each roofer that visits your home should be able to provide you with information regarding their insurance coverage. This will protect you, as well as them from any damages or injuries that may occur while they are working on your property.

Carefully Read the Written Estimate

When a roofer visits your home to provide an estimate for the needed work, you need to ensure they provide this in writing. Also, be sure to read all the details extremely carefully. This will prevent surprises or other issues arising after the work has been completed. To know more, click here.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

While you need to ask the roofer you are considering hiring for references, you can also check with the Better Business Bureau or other rating organizations to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.

When you use the tips here, you can feel confident that you have found a quality roofing company for your project needs. Berry Roofing offers all of the information here, as well as competitive prices for any type of roofing work, repairs or replacement you may need. Call today for more information.

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