Tips For Choosing Grape Vines For Sale

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Food and Drink

Whether you are in the market for grape vines for sale to start a vineyard or you just want to add some fresh grapes to your home table, it is important to keep several things in mind when making your purchase.

The biggest issue to keep in mind when choosing from the grape vines for sale is that the best grapes will produce the best possible wines when all other factors are equal. In other words, if you start with a low quality grape, you cannot produce a top quality wine. It is therefore essential to get the best possible grape varieties and then grow them according to what that particular variety of grape needs.

Choosing the Variety of Grape Vines for Sale

It is obvious when you are reading the names of the Harvest Express different varieties of grape vines for sale the type of wine that they produce. However, there is more to choosing the right variety for your location than just considering the type of wine that you like.

Grape vines and grapes are very finicky and require specific soil and growth conditions. It is essential to not only choose the top grape vine variety for the type of wine you want to produce, but to make sure that the grape will not only grow but mature in your given climate zone.

The Options

Most European grape vines for sale are only suited to US growing zones of 7 and above, meaning that they are ideal for those climates in the south and along the west coast that have long, hot and relatively dry summers.

However, if you look at top companies offering grape vines for sale online you will find that there are several varieties of both red and white wine grapes as well as edible table grapes that are suited for growth in slightly cooler zones and those that have more rainfall during the summer months.

When buying grape vines for sale, verify that they are suitable for your zone. You will also need to carefully manage soil moisture and nutrients, but this can be easily controlled with monitoring and correct water, drainage and soil enhancement programs, using organic fertilizers strategic management techniques.

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