Tips for Choosing the Best Plainwell Lawn Sprinklers

In order to keep the lawn green and lush, investing in the Best Plainwell Lawn Sprinklers is a must. Purchasing the right system involves paying close attention to a few details. Here are some examples of points to consider when buying a system that will do the job properly.

The Number of Sprinkler Heads

Proper distribution of the sprinkler heads will ensure that every area of the lawn receives a reasonable amount of water during the sprinkling. To get the best results, the heads must not be spaced so far away from one another that there are dry spots between them. At the same time, placing the heads too close to one another will lead to certain areas of the lawn receiving more water than necessary. The best approach is to work with a professional who can gauge the coverage area for each head and recommend the number needed to adequately cover the entire yard.

The Right Kind of Controller System

A controller system provides the means of setting an automated schedule for watering the lawn. It also includes manual overrides that make it easy to cancel watering when it is not necessary. The Best Plainwell Lawn Sprinklers will include this option and make it all the easier to ensure that the lawn always has the proper amount of water to keep the grass green and healthy. Look for a system that is easy to program several days in advance. This comes in handy when the homeowner has to be out of town on business. Every time the same day, the sprinklers will activate and run for the same amount of time. Having a remote link to the system will mean if rain is predicted for a given day, it will take very little effort to override the programming to prevent sprinklers from coming on during a downpour. There are other features to be considered before making a final purchase. Consult a professional landscaper about what to include and how to go about installing the new system. With the right type of support, the new sprinklers will be in place, and there will never be any worries about how to keep the lawn looking great, no matter what is happening with the weather. For more information visit us at