Tips for Choosing the Perfect Material for Your Kitchen Countertops in Tucson, AZ

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From quartz to laminate, there are a variety of kitchen countertop materials available in the Tucson area. While choosing a material that’s visually appealing to you is certainly important, you should also think about how well a countertop material will perform in your kitchen. If you want to end up with countertops that fit your lifestyle, keep reading for some tips on how to make a wise choice.

Think About Your Cooking Habits

If you cook frequently, you’ll want to choose countertops that are resistant to scratching, staining and burning. Carefully consider the pros and cons of countertop materials before making a selection. For example, laminate is inexpensive and durable but it can burn easily and can be prone to scratching. Granite is resistant to scratching and burning but its porous nature makes it easy to stain if the sealant is worn down.

Consider Food Safety

If you’re concerned about food safety, some countertops in Tucson AZ are more hygienic than others. Stainless steel is great choice if you want to lessen the risk of food-borne illnesses because it’s seamless and easy to sanitize. Quartz is also a good choice because it’s non-porous, meaning bacteria has nowhere to hide. You may want to stay away from seamed surfaces like ceramic tile and veined stones like granite because they trap germs more easily than other materials.

Choose With Your Family in Mind

If you have young children or pets, keep them in mind when you’re selecting countertops. You may love the look of wooden counters, but dogs can damage it with their nails. Parents of young children often want to avoid sharp edges and super-hard surfaces as a safety precaution. If you have children, laminate with rounded edges will probably be a better choice than rock-hard marble or quartz. With both pets and children, staining is also an issue so think about choosing a stain-resistant material that is also easy to clean.

Remember the Upkeep

Some countertop materials require more maintenance than others, so if your family is busy you’ll want to choose something hassle-free. Laminate, quartz and stainless steel are both easy to clean and don’t require regular maintenance. If you lack time, stay away from wood and granite; they both need polished or resealed periodically and clean-up can be more complicated.

Your kitchen countertops should help your lifestyle, not hinder it. For even more countertop choices, visit davis kitchens in Tucson.