Tips for Getting the Most From Your Office Lease in Newnan

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The location of your office can make a huge difference in the success of your business. Whether you will see clients at your office or you just need an address that gives your business credibility, a good location is essential. By choosing an office space near other complementary businesses, you can increase your clientele without having to spend an extraordinary amount of money on marketing.

When you decide on the perfect location for your business, you will have to work with the property owner to negotiate the terms of your Office Lease in Newnan. Unlike a residential lease, that is a preprinted document and not usually open for negotiations, commercial property owners expect to negotiate with their tenants.

If you are starting a new business or you expect your existing business to grow out of the new location within a couple of years, a short-term lease may be in your best interest. By asking for a short-term lease with the option to renew, your landlord may charge you more for rent. Landlords prefer to lock their commercial tenants into long-term leases, especially when they do a build out of the space you’ll be using.

Most small businesses need signage. Your lease should give you direction on the size and location of any signs you use to advertise your business. While your landlord may be bound by building codes, some of the requirements may be negotiable. It can be helpful to check the legal restrictions on signs before you negotiate with your landlord. Properties owned by Greison Storage offer clear signage that is easily viewed by drivers.

Exclusivity and co-tenancy clauses can protect your interests if other business move out of the building. While you may have to pay a little more on a monthly basis to add these clauses, they can ensure that you won’t be locked into a lease after an anchor business relocates or a competitor moves into the building.

Be sure that any changes you and your landlord agree to for your Office Lease in Newnan are reflected in the legal document. If you have any questions about your lease before you sign, a lawyer who focuses on business law may be able to review your lease for you for a reasonable fee.