Tips for Handling a Few Days in Jail While Arranging for Bail Bonds in El Reno OK

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In some instances, being arrested for a criminal offense is not a surprise. The person knows there is a warrant for his or her arrest, which gives the individual a little time to prepare. The family can start an application for bail bonds in El Reno OK even before a judge sets the bail amount. The defendant can plan on how to handle a few days in jail before bail is set and the family comes up with the cash for the bond fee.

No Expectations of Special Treatment

Most people, unless their social status is high enough to qualify as a celebrity, are all treated the same way in a municipal or county jail. The detention center employees and the other inmates don’t much care if this individual is a cashier at a retail store or a medical doctor. The defendant shouldn’t expect any particularly negative or positive treatment from guards or inmates.

Keeping the Charges a Private Matter

Usually, none of the inmates will know why this person has been arrested. The only way others typically know about any specific offense is if the crime was a major one and the defendant’s photo had been publicized on TV. Otherwise, they won’t know unless the defendant shares the information.

Arrive With a Full Stomach and Some Cash

It’s best to arrive with a full stomach since the next meal may not be for a while and the person may not like the food very much. The defendant should also bring some cash to be deposited in a Department of Corrections account. This account can be used to buy snacks and other items at the commissary until an agency for bail bonds in El Reno OK posts the bond for release.

Be Respectful

This person may not be in jail for more than 48 or 72 hours, but it’s still best to be respectful to everyone there. Attitude is important here as the defendant cannot simply walk away. The defendant should avoid arguing with the guards and should be civil to other inmates. That will help keep the peace until this person can be released with the help of an agency such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds.