Tips For Negotiating with Car Dealers

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Autos

No one goes out looking for a new car with the idea that they will just pay the sticker price and go home with a shiny new vehicle. Okay, so maybe there are a few people out there like that, but if you want to get the best deal on a car, you will have to spend some time negotiating with Car Dealers Longview WA. Hopefully, once you find the car that you really want to purchase, you can get the price you can afford, but it may take some time.

There are many theories on how to handle this type of situation. Some people go into it with a goal price in mind and are happy to walk away if the car dealers won’t agree with them. While this is an okay tactic if you don’t have your heart set on a specific car or are not in a hurry to buy a car, many people find it hard to walk away once they finally find a vehicle they like enough to make an offer.

On the other end there are those that hardly negotiate at all and pay almost full sticker price. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing and can be the easiest way for many people to do it. If you know that the sticker price is a great price and haven’t found a better deal anywhere else on a similar model, don’t bargain your way out of a good deal. If you don’t want to negotiate with the salesman for a lower price consider asking for them to throw in some new tires or something similar.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle. They won’t walk away from the sale if their request isn’t met, but they may spend some time going back and forth with the salesman and his manager. Car dealers want to sell you the car, so they almost always expect you to come into their office with an offer lower than the sticker price. If you really don’t want to do the back and forth when you first look at the car or take a test drive, take some time to think about it.

If you know what car you will be checking out when you visit the dealership, do your homework ahead of time. Otherwise, go home after looking at the car for the first time and learn more about how much it is worth and if the price they are asking is reasonable and something that you would be willing to pay. It is a good idea to sleep on a big decision like buying a new car and you may decide that you just don’t want to spend that much on a car or maybe that you cannot live without that great vehicle.

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