Tips for Raccoon Removal in Columbus, OH

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Raccoons are cute and intelligent, with their little masked faces and cute claws. However, they can be very aggravating if one is invading your home or trash cans at night. They tip over garbage cans, get into chimneys, and attics and sometimes carry diseases such as rabies. If you ever get attacked by a raccoon, it is important to make sure and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Removing raccoons is usually done by trapping and releasing them into the wild far from your home. In some cases, it is best to call in the Wildlife control Company for Raccoon removal in Columbus, OH. Here are some tips on how to keep raccoons off of your property after Raccoon removal in Columbus, OH has taken place.

You need to keep garbage cans tightly sealed so that raccoons can’t get the lids open to eat the scraps and food inside. Keep food bins tightly sealed and animals’ dishes up out of the way so that raccoons can’t reach them. If the food supply is easy to reach, then of course, raccoons will go where the food is plentiful. If you lock up food, then they will likely go elsewhere to find food instead.

You can put a battery operated radio close to where you suspect raccoon activity. Turn it on a low setting, and it will drive the raccoons away. They don’t like to be around humans, so chances are they will run when they hear the sound of human voices.

Spray a small amount of ammonia in your garbage cans. Raccoons don’t like the smell of ammonia and will try to stay away from the smell. You can also place traps around the yard to catch the raccoons, then take them and release them miles from your home; however, it is easier and safer to have the Raccoon removal in Columbus, OH professionals do the job for you. Raccoons do carry diseases, and they will fight when cornered. Again, if you are injured when catching a raccoon, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible, then call in the professionals to take care of the problem for you.