Tips for Recycling with All American Disposal

Recycling is an extremely easy way to keep the environment clean and well-maintained, while ensuring the well-being of the community for many generations to come. However, the overall success of a recycling program is dependent on the active participation of every single member of the community. When more people participate, and use services such as All American Disposal, the amount of trash that is sent to the landfill is reduced and the recycled materials are able to be reused through the recycling circle.

Facts about Recycling

In an average lifetime, the average American will wind up throwing away as much as 600 times the total amount of their adult weight in garbage. For example, for a person that weighs 150 pounds, they will leave a trash legacy of approximately 90,000 pounds.

It Simply Makes Sense to Recycle

Recycling is a huge component of environment protection and helping all local communities. Recycling will help to conserve the resources and energy while preserving the valuable landfill space and supporting a healthy environment.

The following is a general breakdown of recycling certain materials and the impact it can have:

Aluminum Recycling

* When one ton of aluminum is recycled it will:

* Save a total of 10 cubic yards in a landfill

* Save a total of 237.6 million Btu’s in energy

* Save approximately 1,663 total gallons of oil

* Save up to 14,000 kWh of energy

When you are ready to recycle aluminum products, consider crushing any aluminum cans to save space. Additionally, if you rinse out the cans prior to storing them, they will have little to no odor and reduce the chance of attracting bugs.

Cardboard Recycling

When you recycle one ton of cardboard you will:

* Save up to 6.6 Btu’s of total energy

* Save 46 gallons of oil

* Save 390 total kWh of energy

You should prepare cardboard for recycling by removing any other materials that may be present, such as plastic wrap. Also, break down larger boxes to help and save space.

With this information and the recycling services offered by All American Disposal, you can effectively recycle all types of materials that will create a cleaner and healthier planet.