Tips for Selecting a Professional Cemetery Near Southfield

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While everyone has unique situations and circumstances, everyone should make sure end-of-life choices at some point. One important option is what type of cemetery they want. Here are some valuable tips which can help make decision-making easier when selecting a cemetery in Southfield.


The location of your remains is a vital decision. You may prefer a place near where you grew up or a cemetery in Southfield where other family members are buried. Another option is choosing a location near your closest family members’ location so it’s convenient for them to visit.


Money is always a factor, no matter what you purchase, and purchasing a burial plot is no different. When choosing a professional cemetery near Southfield, talk to them about their options, packages, and pricing. Especially if you’re looking in advance, the funeral director will be happy to break down costs for you and present you with the best options to save money where possible.

Rules and Regulations

Each cemetery has its specific set of rules. Some are only open during the daytime and closed to visitors at night. Cemeteries often have rules regarding the types of headstones they permit or prohibit. They may allow only flat markers rather than monuments. Many cemeteries have guidelines for placing flowers, decor, and other memorabilia on the graves.

Types of Cemeteries

When choosing a final resting place, there are several options to consider beyond a traditional cemetery. Veterans may want to consider a national or Veteran’s cemetery. Additionally, there are a variety of private and public options available. Religious individuals may also want to consider a cemetery affiliated with their specific faith.

Are you in the process of choosing a professional cemetery near Southfield? Visit the Holy Sepulcher website to learn more.