Tips On Choosing A Flattering Eyeglass Frame Color in New York

Many people play it safe when it comes to choosing their eyeglass frames. They are afraid that they will pick a design that makes them look silly so they hide behind a basic style. However, if they tried a different tactic, they would be surprised to see the tremendous difference that it could have on their look. Here are helpful tips for choosing a flattering color in eyeglass frames.

Use eye color

In most situations, people only use their face shape to determine their eye-wear. But, their eye color can be very helpful in selecting a frame color that will compliment their appearance. When reviewing eyeglass frames in NYC, they can pick a neutral color like brown or black that matches their eyes. Or, they can pick a contrasting color that will make their eye color stand out. For example, brown eyes can pop when paired with a vivid green or a gentle blue.

Use hair color

Another method of picking the best hue for eyeglass frames in NYC would be to factor in hair color. Staying consistent with the tones of the hair can create a sleek, coordinated effect. Yet, a contradictory scheme can highlight a fun, bold personality. For instance, light blondes can shine if they choose frames in a rich red.

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