Tips on Finding a Pool Or Spa Lighting Company in Charlotte

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Swimming is an immensely enjoyable activity that should not have to be restricted to the daytime hours. However, swimming in the dark is uncomfortable and can be unpleasant if no one else is around. The main solution for this is installing pool lights. These lights can be difficult to install and find simply because of the many options. However, this article will discuss various tips to help with the selection process and offer tips on how to maintain these lights to get the best value for the money spent.

Besides safety concerns regarding traversing and entering the pool in the dark, lights can contribute to an experience either joyous, romantic, or otherwise. In past times, pools simply had one or two lights to illuminate the deep and shallow ends. Now, however, LED lights are installed to create an atmosphere that is enticing and soft. Before finding a pool or spa lighting company, one will first have to know which type of lights one wants. First off, people can choose patio lights to encircle the pool and pathways, inside pool lights to illuminate the water, or decorative lights for the plants and flowers. After deciding which type of lighting, people must decide on whether energy efficiency is important.

One such pool or spa lighting company is Gowdy Electric, found at the website website name. This company services pools and spas with perimeter lighting for swimming pools, in-ground pools, and above ground pools as well. Besides these services, Gowdy offers wiring and installation for hot tubs and spas. The types of lighting offered are halogen, incandescent, and LED lights. Halogen bulbs use a lot of electrical energy. Incandescent lights are often made for the outside perimeter surroundings because of their bright appearance. LED lights are more efficient and last much longer than any other type of bulb. LED lights offer the most variety as far as color choices go. When looking for companies, ask about their pricing options and lighting systems. Gowdy Electric offers free estimates upon initial consultation. All technicians are qualified and certified to install any of the three types of lights offered.