Tips on Finding Student Housing to Match Your Budget and Lifestyle

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Student apartments in Greensboro can keep you close to campus and a vibrant downtown. Many building owners purposefully make student housing budget-friendly and socially viable. There are features available inside the rooms and on the grounds to fit every lifestyle.


Having roommates helps many students stay within their budget, and it gives everyone an opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. If you are looking for student apartments in Greensboro and want a roommate, some property managers will help match you with fellow students. Often, these types of rental agreements are arranged per tenant. The advantages of per-occupant contracts are each person is only responsible for their portion, and if someone must vacate, the remaining roommates do not need to pitch in to cover the rest of the rent.

The housing can be furnished, and for convenience, look for units with in-room laundry facilities. The application process is typically free, fast, and straightforward.


The outside of the complex should be safe and inviting. It is nice to have some grass and green spaces where you can sit and soak up some sun or visit with others. A grilling area is another bonus feature. These stations make for friendly hubs where people can mingle and share stories about the day and college experience. While investigating the grounds, be sure to check out the parking. If you have a bike or scooter, find out about lockers and racks. Take notice of the walkability of the area. It should be close to a variety of stores, quick grocery shops, and eateries. For more information on student apartments in Greensboro, contact Spring Garden at