Tips On Septic System Maintenance In Des Moines, Iowa

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Replacing an entire septic can end up costing thousands of dollars. Although this expense is sometimes necessary, it can sometimes be avoided. Failure to properly maintain a septic system can result in a major expense for you that could have been avoided. There are several things you can do that will help keep you from having to spend money on replacement of your system and help prolong it’s life. Here are some tips that can help with your Septic System Maintenance in Des Moines, Iowa.

Do not drive cars or heavy machinery over the septic tank and field lines. Knowing the location of these items can help avoid this catastrophe from happening. The weight of the vehicles or heavy equipment can cause damage to the field lines. That is why you must avoid driving over them.

Don’t flush large items down the toilet. Things such as sanitary napkins can clog the pipes which can lead to problems. There are other foreign objects that can also lead to obstruction of the pipes. Make sure you flush only the necessary waste.

It is not recommended that you use bleach inside your toilets or any area that will drain into the septic tank. Septic systems depend on the natural bacteria that forms in order to break down the waste. Using bleach will kill this natural bacteria and hinder that process. This means your septic tank will fill up much quicker than it should.

Do not flush any cooking oils or greasy products down your toilet. This can result in buildup in the drain pipes which will eventually cause them to become clogged. If this happens, you will have no choice but to call for help from a professional who offers septic tank services.

There are many ways you can avoid having problems with your septic system. Proper Septic System Maintenance in Des Moines, Iowa will help prevent any unnecessary problems with your system. It will also keep you from having to have a new Septic Tank Installation in Des Moines, Iowa.

Even though some problems can be avoided, this isn’t always the case. Information on septic system maintenance, repairs and installation can be obtained from Business Name.