Tire Stores Wichita KS: Learning The Basics of Tires

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The fact that tires have been one of the most important safety features on a vehicle for over one hundred years is the reason why Tire Stores Wichita KS are in such high demand. After all, your vehicles tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually comes in contact with the terrain that you are driving on. Having a heavy duty engine and super strong brakes means nothing if the tires on your vehicle are not able to grip the road. Every single move you make with your steering wheel is transmitted straight to your tires. If the tires on your vehicle have become worn or underinflated you are putting yourself, your vehicle, and anyone else on the road in danger.

Understanding The Basics of a Tire

A tire is just a flexible container that holds compressed air. It is a container that needs to be strong enough to support the weight of your vehicle. It also needs to be strong enough to propel the weight of the vehicle forward and backward. Tires have anywhere from 19 to 25 different components to them. This can make visiting a store such as Shamrock Tire & Auto Service and shopping for the right set of tires even more confusing. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers just do not know enough about tires to make a very educated purchase when they are shopping around the various Tire Stores Wichita KS for a new set.

Tires are actually constructed from the inside out. There is a liner inside of the tire that is the heart of the tire. The purpose of this liner is to provide the tire with its round shape and make sure it can hold compressed air. There are fabric belts around the liners and steel belts around those. The purpose of the steel belts is to make the tire stable as well as making its tread pattern as smooth as possible. The flatter the treat pattern on a tire is, the more contact it is going to be able to have with the road. A tire dealer or your vehicle’s manual would be able to tell you what size and type of tire is going to best suit your vehicle.

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