Tired of Looking Like You Pulled a College All-Nighter When You’re Older?

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Have people told you lately that you look tired? Maybe they’ve told you to stop partying so hard and get some rest? Do they ask if the kids or your spouse have kept you up all night? While these questions are intrusive, to be sure, they are probably more annoying from the standpoint that none of these things apply to you. Ergo, you look tired to others even though you’re not tired at all. Worse still, you may be way past your “party all night” years, making the comments much worse. If you are tired of looking tired, you could try an eyelid lift in Glenview, IL plastic surgeons. Here’s what the eyelid lift from Glenview surgeons does for your face.

Never Look Tired Again, Except When You Actually Are Tired
You should only look tired when you actually are tired. An eyelid lift picks up your upper eyelids and makes your eyes look like they are open wider. In some cases, sagging skin on the upper lids is removed and the remaining lid tissue is stitched in such a way to help you look more alert and alive. If your lower lids are being treated too, this involves either fat pad removal or filler for hollowed-out undereye circles.

A Much Younger Appearance
Most people look at your eyes and the center of your face when they speak to you. Having an eyelid procedure makes your eyes look significantly younger, and therefore people perceive you to be younger too. If you are ready for a free consultation, contact Adam J. Cohen, MD today.