To Prevent Serious Water Damage You May Need to Repipe Your Home

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Repiping your home essentially means that you will be replacing all of the hot and cold water pipes, or gas and sewage pipes in your home. Traditional methods to Repipe your home would involve replacing galvanized pipes with copper pipes, however, new developments have created new options available. Unless you’re a plumbing contractor, or have had experience in completing this type of task before, it is best to hire a professional for efficient services.

How to Determine If Repiping Is Necessary

Repiping your home may be necessary if you’ve noticed signs such as leaking pipes, wet foundation, corrosion of the pipes, a dramatic drop in the water pressure, foul odor or tasting water, or discolored water from rust. Having a plumbing professional evaluate your current plumbing system can best determine whether or not it is necessary to repipe your entire home.

Benefits of Repiping Your Home

There are significant benefits to repiping your home including: clean water, increased water flow, better drinking water, reduced plumbing complications, decrease in water bill, and reduced need for repairs. Many people are shocked to find out how a service such as repiping can promote more efficient water usage throughout the home. They are able to shower, wash dishes, and get a glass of water to drink from different water sources in the home at the same time.

Determining the Costs

Even though repiping services can cost a few thousand dollars to complete, it is a necessary service that has several benefits to your home. When trying to consider the costs of this service, a plumbing contractor will first come out and evaluate your plumbing system to determine whether some or all of the plumbing work needs to be done over.

If you’ve been putting off the idea of having to repipe your home because of the high costs, you should really consider the long term consequences. Extensive water or plumbing damage can generate more costs and necessary repairs. Make sure that when you decide to have your home assessed, that you only contact an expert in repiping such as M.A. Williams Inc. Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Services.