Tools That Are Used in Wichita Kansas Water Removal

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Whether it is flooding or a busted water main, water damage can hurt a homeowner because it destroys the home that they love. If you find yourself in a situation where water has damaged your home, then you need to find a professional who can assist you with cleaning it up adequately. A professional will have the equipment needed to get the majority of the water up to reduce the long term damage of the flooding. The price you pay a water damage restoration company is nothing compared to the price of the water damage your home will incur if the water is left unattended. Here are a few of the tools that are used in Wichita Kansas Water Removal.

Submersible Vacuums

One of the most useful tools that is used to remove the water from flooded homes is a submersible vacuum pump, which is used to move the water from the home to barrels to be hauled off. These pumps can be submersed in deeper water, which is a departure from traditional pumps that were only able to stay on the surface of the water. Whether you have a foot or 10 feet of water in your home, a submersible will be able to get the water out of your home so you can begin the rebuilding process.

High Powered Fans

Another very important tool used by professional water restoration companies is the high powered fans that are used to dry out the home they are working on. After removing the water with submersible pumps, the carpet and walls will need to be dried out. By using high powered fans, the home can be adequately dried out and there will not be as much water damage to the home. A high powered fan will allow the rest of the left over water to be dried up, which is essential in regaining the look of your home after a flood.

If you find yourself in need of Wichita Kansas Water Removal, then be sure to contact Rhoden Restoration Company. They have the experience and the tools necessary to rid your home of the damaging water that a flood brings.