Toothache in Lincoln Square or Other Issue? What to Look For in an Emergency Dentist

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There are few things more miserable than an aching tooth. People suffering from dental issues can’t eat, can’t function, and can’t sleep. In addition to this, dental pain is often an indication of infection. If the infection from an abscessed tooth enters the blood stream, things can become dangerous very quickly. People have died from septic shock because they didn’t receive treatment for a toothache. Ideally, a person with an emergency dental issue has a regular dentist they can contact, and that dentist will be able to see them immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and the patient must visit Toothache in Lincoln Square, an Emergency Dentist.

The most difficult part of selecting an Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square is trying to think logically while in excruciating pain. The pain makes it tempting to rush to the first emergency dentist in the phonebook. That can be a big mistake! It is important to choose carefully. Here are some questions to ask before selecting a dentist:

Do they accept walk-ins?

This is proof that the practice is truly able to handle dental emergencies. The Ideal Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square will operate similarly to an urgent care center. This is very important because many dental issues need to be dealt with quickly in order to avoid serious complications.

Do they accept a wide variety of insurance plans?

A dentist’s office that has relationships with a wide variety of insurance carriers is better able to serve a larger number of patients.

Do they offer financing?

A well established, reputable dentist’s office will have connections with banks and other financial institutions who can provide financing at a low interest rate. This is helpful to customers who don’t have insurance, or who need to make time payments on any cash balance owed.

Do they repair dentures and bridgework?

Broken dentures and bridgework are both dental emergencies. An emergency dentist should offer these repairs are part of their services.

Is there an ADA dentist on staff at all times?

While hygienists and assistants can do many things, at least one dentist should be in the office at all times.

Do they offer other services such as tooth whitening or Dental Implants?

The ideal dentist’s office does more than take in emergency cases. This includes cosmetic dentistry.

Finally, does this office also have regular patients?

Having patients who visit on a regular basis is an indication of a good reputation.

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