Top Things Your Pediatric Doctor in Jacksonville FL Wishes You Knew

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Being a parent is great, it’s rewarding, but there are times when it can be challenging as well. Parents don’t know everything and can’t do everything. That’s why you have a pediatric doctor in Jacksonville FL, who can take care of the medical problems that you can’t take care of yourself. However, have you ever wondered just what your pediatrician would like to tell you when you walk into his office? If so, then read on below for a few of the top things your pediatric doctor wishes you knew.

He Doesn’t Judge You

Embarrassed that your child didn’t wash his hands before his appointment? Upset, because he has wax in his ears? Don’t be! Your pediatric doctor in Jacksonville FL isn’t there to judge you and he won’t. He probably has kids himself, so he’s seen it all before. Again, he’s not there to judge your parenting, he’s just there to help.

Be Honest with Your Children

There are so many times that a child comes into the doctor’s office with no idea what is going to happen. It’s important not to lie to your child if they are going to have stitches removed or you know they are going to be getting a shot. It’s better to tell them, than have them think you and their doctor lied to them. The child will remember and resent you and his doctor.

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