Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County, MO Gives Info on Missouri Traffic Violations

Perhaps you just got pulled over by a traffic officer for a major speeding ticket. Maybe you were pulled over and suspected of DUI. Whatever the situation may be, seeing the blue lights flashing behind you can be quite unnerving, but don’t become unglued. Secure the services of an experienced attorney who can help you sort the problems out. Michael D. Lowry, of The Lowry Law Firm can be your Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County, MO, if you are in need of representation in the Missouri area.


The majority of tickets issued in Missouri are what are called “strict-liability” offenses, which means that the only thing required to convict a person of a given offense is evidence that he or she committed the act, with no regard to intent. Such examples of these would be speeding tickets, parking in a handicapped spot, overdue parking meters and not using turn signals. Violations are also separated by “moving or non-moving violations.” Examples of non-moving violations would be driving with an expired registration, expired and/or missing tags, leaving a running vehicle unattended and other illegal parking. Moving violations would include driving without a seatbelt, running a stop sign or red light, driving below the minimum speed and DUI/DWI. In cases of a drunk driving offense, it is imperative to call a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County, MO.

The Lowry Law Firm wants you to know that a DUI/DWI arrest and prosecution can affect your driving privileges and your freedom. Because these laws are complex, are subject to changes and therefore confusing, you need to take advantage of an attorney or law firm who knows how these laws work. The Lowry Law Firm makes a firm commitment to defending and winning these type of cases. The penalties for DWI’s can be quite stiff, but they do not have to result in a conviction.

The laws in Missouri concerning DWI/DUI can be quite punishing if you do not have proper representation to guide you through the maze. It is important to act to secure your defense as soon as you can.

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