Trash Removal in Denver CO is an Example for the Country

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Trash removal in Denver by Alpine Waste is so successful that it has won awards for its protection of the environment. In 2013 the program saved 152,588 cubic yards of landfill space. Other important environmental savings are 784,934 trees, 1,022,934 gallons of gasoline, 180,871,934 kWhs of electricity, 784,578 trees, 289,055,500 gallons of water, and 19,734,099 gallons of oil. These numbers represents an approximately 5 percent increase over 2012 according to a formula developed by environmental scientists and tested and proven to the point where it is used throughout the country.

Trash removal is largely confined to HOA contracts for recyclables and garbage, and restaurants are also a source for garbage which is composted in a specially developed parcel of land for this purpose. The compost is then sold to farmers for soil modification and fertilizer. The recyclables are then managed according to the material and the facility.

Electronics are prohibited by law from being included in the recyclable program because of metals and other materials which can be better salvaged by company dedicated to this purpose. The Institute for Self-Reliance says that electronics recycling provides 10 jobs for every landfill job.

Trash Removal in Denver CO has become so successful that 25 percent of the businesses and the general population participate. This number is higher than most cities.

Alpine Waste and Recycling of Denver CO has landfill which is is a municipal solid waste disposal facility. It handles only non-hazardous solid waste material. It is constructed, and operated according to the highest environmental standards under very close regulation by the State of Colorado, and other effective monitoring agencies. This landfill has a three foot thick liner which is multilayer with a leachate drainage system. Monitoring wells are in a network so that methane gas probes can provide for stringent and ecologically sound management of the site.

Trash Removal in Denver CO is not really subject to the broad definition of “trash” as Denver has defined what materials it will pickup and what materials must be disposed in other approved ways. It is all trash to the citizens but some items which would be considered trash is not the trash which the Denver program recognizes. Regardless, Denver has one of the most successful trash disposal programs in the country.