Tropical Storms and their Impact

The Hawaiian Islands, owing to their location in the northern Pacific, have a tropical climate. Because of this they only have what are deemed as two seasons; dry season and wet season. The Hawaiian Islands are also subject to trade winds out of the east and therefore the humidity is slightly reduced compared to other tropical areas. High temperatures in the summer are usually around eighty-eight to eighty-nine degrees and around the mid-seventies at night. During the winter, the daytime temperatures average around seventy-five degrees during the day and around sixty-five during the night.

Hawaii is not generally prone to hurricanes-in fact it is documented that the Islands may be partially immune to them. One of the possible explanations for this is that the high volcanic peaks tend to divert storms and sown them down. However, Hawaii is susceptible to tropical storms. In 2013, Tropical Storm Flossie appeared to be heading directly for the Big Island-Hawaii itself, known as the Big Island to avoid confusion with the State name. The Big Island has two known mountains—Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, both if which are over thirteen thousand feet. As the storm approached the Island it route shifted and headed for Maui instead.

High Winds and the need for Good Windows

Strong winds are not usually a huge problem for the residents of the Islands, but occasionally they have been known to break a window in Honolulu, HI, or other of the smaller Islands. Therefore, most homeowners have extended insurance policies to cover hurricane and tropical storm damage. In 2009 the remains of Hurricane Felicia did bring rainfall to the northern Islands, as did the remains of Hurricane Herman in 2008. However, in 2007, Hurricane Flossie-not the same storm as Tropical Storm Flossie in 2013-caused severe winds and high rains to the Big Island. Because of the nature of a tropical storm it is sometimes necessary to prevent storm damage to a home when the weather forecast suggests doing so. Many people protect their homes as much as possible but high winds can still break windows or do serious damage to the exterior of the home, regardless of how much care is taken to prevent it.

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