Truck Accidents – What to Do if You’re Involved in One

The sheer size and weight difference between a truck or other commercial vehicle, and a normal passenger car often makes an accident between the two catastrophic for those in the smaller vehicle.

Trying to claim compensation for the injuries sustained in such an accident is next to impossible unless you have an experienced, knowledgeable truck accident attorney fighting your case for you. Trucking companies have vast legal resources at their disposal and will have no qualms about using any means necessary to defend the driver and their company.

Claiming compensation for truck accidents is more complicated than with accidents between two cars. This is largely because of issues of compliance with truck safety regulations and industry standards. An experienced truck accident attorney knows these regulations inside out, and is the best person to tackle the trucking company head on and claim the compensation you deserve.

What do I do first?
Following a truck accident, the trucking company will immediately dispatch an accident investigation team to the scene. It is thus vitally important that as soon as possible after the accident, either you, or a loved one if you are unable, contact a truck accident attorney to start gathering evidence. Having your own attorney there helps to level the playing field and ensures that correct procedures and protocols are followed.

Many attorneys hire specialists to help collect as much evidence as possible. An accident re-constructionist, for example, will go to the scene to preserve and document all the evidence, such as skid and yaw marks, and scuffs. This evidence starts to disappear literally within hours after an accident once traffic is flowing freely over the site again.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) requires certain relevant documents to be kept for a specific amount of time, after which they can be destroyed. Your truck accident attorney needs access to these documents before this happens.

What Should I Expect from my Attorney?
An attorney with an in-depth understanding of state and federal trucking regulations is key if you are to successfully pursue a truck accident lawsuit. Trucking companies have to follow strict procedures when it comes to hiring drivers, maintaining trucks, and keeping records. An experienced truck accident attorney will know how to find, collect, interpret, and present the essential evidence required to win your case.

One of the main differences between truck accidents and those involving only cars is that with trucks, it isn’t just the driver who can be held responsible. Truck accident lawsuits are often complicated by the fact that multiple parties are involved. These lawsuits can include the driver, the trucking company, equipment manufacturers, etc. Your attorney will know how to make sure they, and any other liable parties, are all held accountable for your injuries and losses.

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