Turn Your Conference Into A True Resource

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Conference planners, coordinators and organizers are constantly looking for new ways to add value to the event for the people that attend. This has historically meant adding costs to the conference as you photocopy speaker material and conference information to be included in a booklet or binder to give to everyone. In more recent times attendees have been presented with a zip drive, CD or DVD, but these are not practical to view immediately. The newest option, and one that works with smartphones, is to use an Android event app.

A Conbop android event app works with Android operating systems for seamless presentation of the material that can be fully customized by the app user. In addition these same apps are developed for the Apple iPad and iPhones to cover everyone attending the event.

Speaker Materials and Supporting Documents

Like all types of apps, Android event apps are able to store virtually any supporting documents you want your attendees to have access to. This can include documents, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations that each speaker uses with their talk. However, unlike the old CDs, DVD or flash drives, the attendees can view these presentations right on their Android device immediately without the need to carry around a laptop.

Immediate Feedback with Android Event Apps

Another benefit to conference organizers is the ability to generate surveys and evaluation forms that the attendee simply accesses and completes online at the end of the session. No more collecting papers and spending hours tallying up feedback score sheets and completing endless data entry. The system can complete all the analysis you need to immediately see what is working for attendees and where you may need to make changes.

In addition the graphs and charts and spreadsheets can be exported to your computer for review and analysis by the committee or conference organizers at any time. This information is securely stored so only those with access to the system will be able to retrieve and view this feature.

These two options are highly effective in truly making a conference into a resource based event for everyone that attends. Participants and attendees will have access to the information on the Android event apps they need while conference organizers can have full access to information and feedback during and after the event.