Types of Bathroom Remodels

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No doubt you understand the added value in a bathroom remodel. When you are thinking about bathroom remodeling in Germantown, you will have plenty of options. However, prior to contacting a company to perform the job, you should know what type of remodel you are seeking to have done. There are three main types of bathroom remodels. The first and simplest one would be just changing the paint color and adding different fixtures. This way is generally the least expensive and the least time consuming. The estimated time for such a job is roughly two weeks, depending on the size of the bathroom. The second option for a remodel is a total remodel, where you completely change the entire look of the bathroom. This involves moving walls and possibly expanding the bathroom. While many people believe this is the most expensive, it isn’t always. That is because there are other things to consider, such as, materials used. Finally, the third type of bathroom remodel takes about a month and involves remodeling the bathroom and doing a complete demo.

Your First Option

The first option mentioned is the fast turn-around remodel where you have simple cosmetic work performed on your existing bathroom. This involves simply picking out fixtures, which can include, light fixtures, doorknob and faucets. This often occurs when someone is simply trying to update the look of their bathroom or when they have a limited budget. Many people are pleasantly surprised to see just how much this option can change the entire feel of their bath.

The Second Option

With this option many homeowners are looking for a way to increase the space inside their bathroom. When you are having bathroom remodeling in Germantown performed, this option will typically involve taking space from somewhere else to add to the bathroom. The added space may afford them the stand-up shower, Jacuzzi tub or double-vanity they’ve always wanted.

The Third Option

The third option presented above involves a total demo. This can be significantly more time consuming than the other options. The things that would be removed and replaced with new materials would be insulation, drywall, countertops or vanity and some fixtures. This job can take a while because there is waiting time involved for things to dry and settle. However, once revealed, most homeowners agree it was worth the wait.

When you want bathroom remodeling in Germantown, turn to a reputable company that will ensure that you receive the type of bathroom you really want, American Bath.