Types of Careers for an Electrician Near Lancaster, PA

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An electrician may choose between working mainly on residential or commercial jobs. It may be beneficial to learn the requirements of the different career fields, which will provide valuable information needed to choose the best career path. Here are a few job choices electrical contractors may want to pursue.

Commercial Electrical Contractor

An electrician near Lancaster, PA, may be hired by commercial electrical contractors to work on projects that include complete wiring and electrical work for the office or warehouse space and renovating outdated wiring in business structures, schools, and high-rises. However, commercial electrical contractors are also hired to service maintenance contracts for existing building structures. These jobs may include emergency or scheduled repairs and upgrades. Business owners can locate contractors based on the type of services they offer that match the project or services needed.

Commercial or industrial electrical workers generally earn more than residential and maintenance contractors. The wages differ because of the complex infrastructures of most commercial buildings and the higher voltages required that make the electrical work even more dangerous. However, there is additional training required to ensure that the contractors are knowledgeable about all national government regulations for the various electrical standards for an electrician near Lancaster, PA.

Residential Electrical Contractor Work

Residential contractors mainly do work for projects where people live, such as houses, apartments, and condominiums. The types of contractors who service residential housing are typically independent contractors or small business owners. Licensed residential electricians often have further specifications in which they may work specifically on home improvement projects or maintenance jobs.

Electrical contractors often have job security regardless of the economy and are able to find employment within six months of their graduation. Through constant technological advances, the electrical contracting profession has been able to coordinate and integrate intricate and complicated systems within businesses and residential homes. Continued education allows an electrician in Lancaster, PA, to keep up with these systems and offer them as part of their services. These professionals ensure electrical systems are properly and safely installed and always up to code. Contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, if you are looking for an electrician near Lancaster, PA.