Types of Health Insurance in Lancaser PA

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Some people go through life with no health insurance in Lancaster PA because they believe they are healthy enough to not need it. You can get sick at anytime without any warning. It isn’t uncommon for seemingly healthy people to suddenly be diagnosed with an illness. Health insurance covers a percentage of your medical costs, medicine, and doctor visits. The concept dates back to 1664 invented by Hugh the Elder Chamberlain Health insurance was called disability in the 19th century because it only paid for injuries that could cause disability. Now, there are many kinds of health insurance in Lancaster PA you can choose.

Health insurance in Lancaster PA can be government or private. An example of government health insurance is Medicare. Medicare is a program that came into existence in 1966. It provides coverage for worker over 65 who paid into it during their working years. It may also cover younger people who have disabilities. Your employer commonly takes 1.45 % of your pay and puts it toward Medicare. Medicaid is a coverage for low-income families or disabled individuals who do not qualify for Medicare.

The insured must have wages no more than 133% of the poverty line to qualify. the insured must provide proof they are low-income or cannot work. A type of private individual plan is temporary health insurance. It is exactly what the name implies. It serves as a stopgap when you are between coverage periods. For example, if you have to get a new job, temporary insurance would help cover you or around a full year until you find employment. These plans commonly offer you fee-for service and the option of bulk payments. The downside is it may not cover vision or dental. Another type of policy to consider is group health insurance. Group health insurance covers many people instead of one person. You are covered regardless of age or current health conditions. The only con is your policy will not be customized. However you will be able to save money.

Getting health insurance in Lancaster PA is something you should not delay. Paying for medical care out of pocket can impact your finances and health care costs will not decrease anytime soon. There is a plan to fit your needs and budget.