Types of Necessary Medical Supplies in Omaha NE

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The need for various types of medical equipment and supplies increases as the baby boomers become senior citizens. While seniors are not the only group of people who require Medical Supplies in Omaha, NE, they make up a large percentage of those in need of special medical equipment and supplies to maintain some level of comfort at home. The conditions that require these supplies include incontinence, mobility issues, breast cancer swelling, urological needs, and other conditions. No matter what your need for these provisions, it is important to have a reliable resource for obtaining them. The following will cover some of the uses of specialty supplies.


Incontinence is something many men and women experience after the reach a certain age. It can start as early as 40 for some people, but it is more common in those over 60. Since it is something that just happens and sometimes people cannot control with exercise or medications, incontinence supplies allow them to enjoy life instead of feeling ashamed of going out and being social. The articles that help with incontinence include bed pads, washcloths, cleansers, insert pads, pull-on briefs, tape-style briefs, and pediatric supplies for little ones who have problems with bed wetting.


An ostomy is a surgical opening used for allowing waste collection from the human body. People who have had cancer surgery or other surgeries where the intestines or partial intestines are removed require special aids and equipment to be comfortable. Skin barriers, adhesives, pouches, and other supplies and accessories are used for this purpose.


Lymphedema is a common occurrence after breast cancer treatments are applied. The standard definition is a swelling due to lymphatic blockage. It can happens most commonly in the arms and legs. Medical Supplies in Omaha, NE for lymphedema help manage the pain and swelling from this condition since there is no known cure. Bandages, wraps, footwear, compression garments, and other supplies.

These are three of the various types of medical supplies needed for medical conditions. Other medical equipment supplies can include bathroom aids, bathroom modifications, lift chairs, and urological supplies. The primary goal is to ensure the comfort and dignity of each patient where these supplies are necessities. Triumph Home Health Supplies offers quality medical equipment and supplies delivered right to your home.