Types Of Roofing Materials In Tacoma

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If you need to hire a contractor to roof your house, but you don’t want traditional asphalt shingles, there are more options. Other popular kinds of roofing materials include wood shakes, metal and clay tiles. Below you’ll learn some of the benefits of each type of material that Roofing Tacoma contractors can put on your home. Contact Business Name. for more details.

Wood Shakes

If you think that asphalt shingles have been around forever, wood shakes are actually the granddaddy of them all. Wood has been used as a roofing material long before asphalt shingles were invented. A wooden roof is energy efficient because it adds a layer of insulation to your house. If you’re concerned about the environment, wood is a natural material, so it’s not damaging to the planet to install this type of roof. A wood roof is long lasting and even though you’ll pay a higher cost upfront, you shouldn’t have to replace your wood roof for at least 30 years.


Many homeowners choose metal roofing materials because they’re available in many different shades. A metal roof will keep your home cooler in the summer because it reflects the heat from the sun. This type of roof will stay put on your home in high winds and some types of metal, depending on the grade, can withstand damage from hail. Made from recycled materials, metal roofs are eco friendly too. You can expect your metal roof to last 50 or more years.

Clay Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are very long lasting and they’ll actually last longer that the other materials that make up the structure of your home. Tiles are durable and they’re resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes and they have a high fire rating. If you install clay tiles, your roofing structure will have to be reinforced because the tiles are heavy. Before installing these tiles, Roofing Tacoma contractors will have to ensure that your roof will support the weight of the clay tiles.

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