Types of Switches to Contend with in Electrical Wiring in Carmel

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The switch is one of the most basic, but most important, appliances in the home. Although they all look about the same once the cover plate is placed, they can function very differently. There are some key types of switches that you need to know, and they are all described in this guide. Switches can come in a lever style, but they may also use a design of “rocking” or “palette” style, which is very popular in Electrical Wiring in Carmel.

Switches can come in four main types:

1. Single pole
2. Double pole
3. Triple pole
4. Quadruple pole

The single is the general purpose workhorse switch. This switch turns a light, receptacle or device on and off. A feature of the single-pole switch is that it is marked “on and off” at the switch, something of which the triple or quadruple switches do not have. This ensures that the switch is installed in the right direction.

The double pole also has “on” and “off” marked on the switch, and it works in a similar way that the single pole switch does. However, it has four brass terminals instead of two terminals. This helps handle interrupt two phase wires, allowing you to end a 240 volt circuit (or 220/221). The switch also comes with a ground terminal (green screw).

Triple switches are almost always used in pairs, and they allow you to turn on or off a light or receptacle from two different places. These switches do not have “on” or “off” marked because the on and off positions vary as the switches are used. The triple switch has three terminal screws and here is where people start to get confused. Do not worry, hiring a contractor who specializes in Electrical Wiring in Carmel is your best bet in handling your electrical needs.

The quad switch is used between two triple switches to control an outlet or light fixture from three different places. If you want to control more than three points, say five places, you would still use two triple switches (one on each end). However, you would use three quadruple switches between the two triples. The quad switch looks like a double pole switch except that a quadruple switch will not have the “off” and “on” markings.

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