Types of Tile Roofs in Boca Raton

Homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to the type of roofing to install on their homes. Many people like the look of tiles, and there are different types to choose from. Things to think about when choosing tiles is how strong they are, how they will look, the style of the house, and the cost. In some cases, it is not recommended that tiles be used at all, but this is rare. One type of tile that is used on many types of houses is the cement tile. There are many styles available, with many colors to choose from, and don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. These are best with newer buildings because they can tend to be heavy.


Many tile roofs in Boca Raton are made from slate. This looks great on older styled homes, such as Colonial or French buildings. Like cement tiles, slate tiles are fireproof, and they will last for many years with little maintenance. One drawback to slate is that it is expensive, and because they are so heavy and break so easily, it is necessary to have them installed by a roofing contractor. A lighter option that can be made to look like tile or stone is concrete, another tile that is resistant to fire.

Metal is a popular material for tile roofs in Boca Raton, and there are a few different metals that can be used, including tin, aluminum, copper, and steel. They can be made to look just like slate tiles, but they are much lighter in weight. There are many colors available, and old roofs don’t need to be removed for metal tiles to be installed. These tiles are durable and can last for decades. They just need to be painted every so often.

Many newer roofing jobs are done with synthetic tiles. These can be made to look like any other type of tile, and because they are made from synthetic materials instead of concrete or slate, they will stand up to all types of weather better. They are so durable that they often come with warranties as long as 50 years.