Types of Whitening Treatments Offered By Dentists in Camp Hill, PA

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Many people who have stained or discolored teeth may find themselves a bit reluctant to smile. Since a great smile can be a person’s greatest asset, not wanting to smile can often cause a person problems, at work and socially. To find help with this type of issue, it is a good idea to visit dentist in Camp Hill PA to explore the options available to help in correcting this type of issue.

Most dentists today will be able to use teeth whitening treatments to help a patient in this type of situation. One of the first things a dentist will want to do before they begin whitening treatments on a patient is to clean the person’s teeth using their professional tools and equipment. This process will rid the teeth of any tartar or plaque buildup so the whitening product can begin to work directly on the teeth.

Most dentist in Camp Hill PA will be able to offer their patient whitening treatments to be done in the dental office or at home. Treatment in the dentist’s office will generally begin with the patient being fitted for a custom designed dental tray. This tray will be used to hold the foam or gel that contains the whitening product. The tray is filled with the product and then applied to the patient’s teeth. A laser light or heat lamp is then applied to the product and this causes the oxygen in the whitening agent to begin to change and start moving into the pores of the teeth where the stains and discolorations actually are. Once there, the product will break apart the area and this will allow more light into the tooth, which makes it look whiter and brighter.

While this type of treatment can be very effective, it can sometimes be more expensive or difficult for a patient to long periods of time at the dentist’s office during a normal workday. In these types of situations, at home treatments directed by the dentist may be a better choice. With this type of treatment, the patient will be given a kit with a custom fitted tray and the same whitening product. The patient will be instructed on how to use these items to apply the whitening agent to their teeth. This can often be a great option for many people.