Uncover Hidden Assets with a NYC Private Investigator

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Today, it has become common for an NYC private investigator to be hired to determine if a spouse has any hidden assets. This usually occurs in cases of divorce when spouses are at each other’s throats and the suspicions are high regarding hidden assets. Because all assets need to be revealed to the court for a proper divorce decree to be created, it is necessary to find out about all bank accounts, cash, property and vehicles a person owns. If there was any type of infidelity or mistrust involved in the divorce, it is best to involve a private investigator to determine that all assets are uncovered.

How Assets Are Uncovered

An NYC private investigator has various methods to track down hidden assets for a divorce proceeding. The investigator typically starts by searching for accounts that are registered in the current and previous addresses of the person. Sometimes that is not enough, however. The investigator might have to delve into previous names or aliases a person has used, including any business names, whether they were sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations to truly uncover all assets. When a person tries to hide assets, they will go to great lengths to make sure they are not found.

Once a trail has been started, the investigator can continue to find more assets if there are any through the paper trails left behind. All it takes is one account to lead to another for the private investigator to find what he needs. He can look into current accounts to find suspicious account transfers or withdrawals to get him started. He can also use various means, including public records, business license listings, court records and even social media accounts to find what he is looking for.

Types of Assets that Can be Uncovered

The most common assets hidden are actual bank accounts, but there are many other types of accounts that can be hidden as well. Other hidden assets include property, vehicles, offshore accounts, safety deposit boxes and stocks or bonds. A professional NYC private investigator has various means to locate even the most secretly hidden assets. All the tactics they use are legal and are the best way to find the information you need to complete your divorce without feeling like you aren’t getting what you deserve or breaking privacy laws yourself.