Understanding Divorce Mediation In Elmwood Park

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Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park is a process in which you, your spouse, and your individual attorneys meet to settle disputes connected to the divorce agreement. During this meeting, each party has a chance to air grievances associated with division of the marital assets, child custody, and when necessary spousal support. Mediation is the last attempt for couples to come into an agreement within divorce matters and avoiding a divorce trial. To learn more about mediation and contested divorce proceedings, contact Gabrielle S. Davis.

Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park

Through mediation, you and your spouse can discuss any disputes directly linked to your divorce. These disputes could relate to division of marital properties, gifts that were exchanged during your marriage, and other valuables. Typically, you and your spouse have immediate access to any and all properties or assets that you had in your possession at the time you were married. However, in terms of properties such as family heirlooms you or your spouse may wish to claim ownership. This is a common dispute related to wedding rings that were given to the bride yet were originally the property of the groom’s family.

Local Divorce Representation

The Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis offers divorce services to include Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park and other divorce proceedings. This attorney provides you with legal representation throughout both contested and uncontested divorce cases. She will make a diligent effort to help you dissolve your divorce amicably and without major disruptions in your life. This includes negotiations with your spouse’s attorney. If you need an effective divorce attorney, contact Gabrielle S. Davis by visiting

Divorce Mediation Elmwood Park provides you with several options to successfully end your divorce without a lengthy divorce trial. This process is beneficial to both you and your spouse and could save you both a significant amount of time and money. With a divorce trial, it could take up to a year to finalize your divorce. This will present several difficulties including financial hold-ups and complications that could prevent you from moving forward with your life. To discuss this option with an attorney, contact the Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis.