Understanding Sublingual Allergy Treatment with Allergist in Louisville KY

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Sublingual allergy treatment is an alternative method for treating allergies without the use of injections. An allergist in Louisville KY will give a patient smaller dose of a particular allergen beneath their tongue in order to increase tolerance to the substance, helping to reduce the symptoms. This treatment offers those afraid of injections an alternative method that offers effective results for allergy sufferers.

How the Treatment is Administered

The first step in sublingual allergy treatment is to confirm the particular patient’s actual sensitivities. Once this has been determined, the allergen extract is created in the form of a tablet or drop and the patient is instructed to keep it underneath their tongue for a period of one or two minutes, then they will swallow it. The process is to be repeated for a period of three days up to a week with the additional recommendation that it is continued from three to five years in order to develop a lasting immunity.

Is this Treatment Safe and Effective?

Most studies agree that the treatment is completely effective for any patient suffering from asthma or rhinitis that is caused by allergies such as tree pollens, cat dander, ragweed, grass and dust mites. It may also be an effective treatment for treating itchy and red eyes that are caused by pollen during the hay fever season.

There are also studies that have shown this alternative allergy treatment is effective therapy for children that have mild atopic dermatitis and is also being considered for treating food allergies.

Some of the most common side effects that are seen after this treatment for both children and adults include stomach issues and itching in the mouth; however, these are typically mild and only occur early in the actual treatment. These side effects are also able to be managed and eliminated by simple dose adjustments.

If you are interested in this type of treatment, you can click here in order to determine if it is the right option for you or your child. It can be extremely effective and help life-long allergy sufferers find relief.