Understanding the Root Canal in Oahu Process

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A Root Canal in Oahu is a process that will require more than one office visit to your dentist. The first step of the procedure will require an x-ray to be taken in order to see the actual shape of your root canals and then determine if there is any signs of an infection in the surrounding bone. The dentist will then use a type of local anesthesia in order to numb the entire area near the tooth. Since the nerve may be dead, anesthesia may not be required, but most will still use it to ensure that a patient is completely at ease during the procedure.

The next step is to ensure that the area is dry from all saliva for the treatment, which is done by using a rubber dam, which is placed around the tooth. The tooth will then have an access hole drilled into it and the bacteria, pulp and any and all decayed nerve tissue will be removed. The actual cleaning out process is done with root canal files. These files, which increase in diameter, are placed into the hole and then worked up and down the tooth’s length to scrub the sides of the entire root canal. Water is then used to flush away any remaining debris.

When the tooth has been completely cleaned, it will be sealed. There are some dentists that will wait for a week to seal the tooth after the Root Canal in Oahu. For example, if there is an infection present, medication may be placed inside of the tooth in order to clear up the issue. Other dentists may select to seal the toot on the same day, which will be dependent on your actual situation.

Once the process is complete, the last step will be to ensure further restoration of the tooth. This will ensure that no additional issues begin to occur. If you would like to click here to learn more about the root canal process, you can read about recovery time and other issues that may pose a risk for the procedure to actually be complete.