Understanding Traffic Laws With The Assistance Of A Car Accident Lawyer In Cecil County

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In the state of Maryland, all drivers are required to maintain at least liability insurance in case of an automobile accident. This policy should provide $30,000 per injured individual with a maximum of $60,000. It should additionally offer $15,000 for property damage. They are also required to maintain personal injury protection, which provides coverage for at least $2,500 of the victim’s medical requirements.

All drivers are required to carry proof of this insurance policy at all times. After an accident, law enforcement will request proof from all drivers who were involved. Victims who do not receive compensation should hire a car accident lawyer in Cecil County to represent them.

Registration and Insurance Certificates

When vehicle owners acquire a new registration for their automobile, they are required to acquire a certificate of insurance. This certificate is obtainable through an insurance company and valid for thirty days. It is a show of good faith that the vehicle owner will purchase and maintain at least liability insurance on the vehicle.


To avoid penalties, the registered owner can return the license plates to the MVA after a policy cancellation. The law dictates that the automobile must be covered under an insurance policy, if the driver intends to operate it. By returning and canceling the registration the owner is not viable.

However, if he or she chooses to drive the vehicle without insurance and causes an accident, they can face not only penalties but also litigation. The driver could also lose their driver’s license. If a criminal infraction was involved such as DUI, he or she faces penalties based on their previous record.

First offense DUI charges incur up to one year in jail. They will receive penalties of up to $1,000. The license is suspended for at least six months. When the DUI charge occurred after an accident, the court reserves the right to charge the driver based on the severity of the victim’s injuries.

They are also offered to compensate the victim through restitution. However, this does not limit the victim’s ability to hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Cecil County to file a civil suit.