Use a Company in Israel Providing Mycorrhizae For Plants for Better Yields

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Biotechnology Company

If you’re growing a medicinal garden, you may be interested in learning the top five benefits of using mycorrhizal fungi to grow cannabis. Combining this method with an adequate amount of light and water can help produce a healthy harvest of buds. Using mycorrhizae for plants is an efficient way to create a growing environment that produces higher yields.

Understanding Why It’s Helpful To Use Mycorrhizae For Plants

Learning about the top five benefits of using mycorrhizal fungi to grow cannabis can be beneficial if you’re an avid gardener:

1. Protects Your Garden

Using mycorrhizae is a fantastic way to protect your growing medium in an outdoor and indoor garden. If you want to reduce stress, this option is a good choice.

2. Creating a Healthy Root System

It creates a more extensive root mass, which can hold more significant amounts of water. This growth provides easier access to available nutrients.

3. Faster Cloning

Going this route can be advantageous in creating faster clones. Several growers have cut cloning time in half from a standard time of about 14 days.

4. Increased Tolerance To Harsh Conditions

If you’re dealing with harsh conditions or periods of drought, your plants should be able to handle these periods more easily.

5. Heals Depleted Soil

It plays a vital role in adding nutrients and minerals to the soil.

Adding this element to your plants should help them grow better. Having healthy plants that are thriving will also create a larger yield, giving you more buds.

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