Use Facebook Monitoring Software to Protect Your Kids

Social networking and media are becoming an integral part of all our lives. Adults and kids alike are all accessing online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and instant messaging. While most adults possess the necessary skills to responsibly use these sites, kids do not always use these things appropriately. The danger associated with your child sharing personal information to strangers is now incredibly simple and can be done without even meaning to. As a result, parents are looking for ways to monitor their kids usage of smart phones, computers, and tablets in order to ensure that they are using safe online practices.

If you begin to look for facebook monitoring software, you quickly find that there are thousands of options available, some better than others. However, has made the process much simpler by collecting the various programs with the best ratings all in one place. There are different software programs for different devices, but they can help you get exactly what you need to make sure your children are protected. This company was started by parents of teenagers that were concerned about how their kids were behaving in online settings. They wanted to ensure that they were doing what they could to keep their kids safe, and they are interested in helping other parents do the same.

So how does this work? Once you select the device (or devices) that you would like to monitor, has software to install to begin monitoring. The monitoring will provide the user with screenshots of browser history, it can block specific websites, and records instant messaging. You also have the ability to set the monitoring software to alert you to certain types of language (such as swearing). If your major area of concern is obtaining monitoring software for facebook, they have a program that is designed specifically for that site as well.

With all this information, you can feel confident that you are aware of how your child is using the internet and that they are safe. All the programs are monitored from one login and can be accessed from any device. The software will not be visible to anyone except the user. Make sure your kids are safe without worry. Take the step to monitor their activity and put your mind at ease today.