Honda & Toyota are leading Automakers in U.S Market and popularity of these brands has increased the demand of Japanese Used Motors imported from Japan for these models. Toyota 2AZ FE for Toyota Camry, Solara, Highlander, Scion Tc & Scion Xb has been reported as the best selling engine for most vendors but since they are popular all over the world, it is getting very difficult to import from Japan. Other import Engines like 3S FE ( 4 cylinder engine ) 1MZ FE ( V6 Engine ) for Toyota Camry, 1MZ VVTI for 1998 up Lexus ES300, Lexus RX300 & Toyota Highlander, Honda D16Y8 for Honda Civic EX grade model for 1996-2000, 5VZ FE V6 Engine for Toyota T100, Tundra, 4Runner & Tacoma, Toyota 3RZ FE, 4 cylinder 2.7 ltr engine for Toyota Trucks along with 2RZ FE which is a 2.4 ltr engine for most Toyota Trucks are popular engines which are getting very hard to find. There are very few vendors who are able to Re-manufacture these engines but there is not much in the market to satisfy the demand for major engines. What we have seen is that demand for truck engines is soaring as they are used for commercial purposes and as the economy is growing more and more businesses are ready to pay higher prices to acquire these engines.

Salvage Yards can’t be trusted as they rely on what is available at salvage auctions but quality of their Engines and Transmissions is miserable. In today’s market importers who can lay their hands on Toyota & Nissan truck Engines and Transmissions is bound to improve their sales figures. Since Japanese Engines imported from Japan are well maintained and have close to 40,000-50,000 miles they prove to give good value for hard earned money.

Another issue is that people who need engines for older vehicles that are over 10 years old, have no option but to resort to JDM Engines because older engines out of a junk yards will have over 200,000 miles and since they don’t test their motors it is worthless to invest in these motors.

In one way this problem shows signs of improvement in US economy but people who can’t afford to buy another Used or new vehicle will have a very hard time finding the right motor or transmission for their vehicle. We recommend that they should make sure that whoever is selling the Motor or transmission to them is testing the motor to ensure it is in good working condition. The safest option is to track down a JDM motor otherwise one must do serious investigation of the Company they are buying it from. If they are buying it from a salvage yard, they must at least get the engine tested for Compression and leak down. In order to ensure that engine lasts long they must do proper tune up before installing the motor like changing timing belt, water pump, thermostat, replacing the radiator, installing new PCV valves. Basically they must pay emphasis on cooling system as due to cooling system malfunction the engine can overheat.

These are some suggestions for those who are looking for a good motor or transmission for their Japanese vehicle. We don’t recommend getting the motor rebuilt if a good low mileage Used engine is available because Rebuilt motors cost double the price of a Used Engine.

You should go for the company that has been in the automotive industry for many years if you are looking for genuine low mileage Used Japanese motors for all Honda and Toyota models, you should visit reliable websites such as or call today Toll-Free at (866) 418 – 3229.


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