Useful Tips Provided by Your Local Implant Dentist in Milwaukee, WI

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Your local Implant Dentist in Milwaukee, WI can make your smile whole again. Through this simple procedure, he or she can replace one or more missing teeth in a matter of hours. Immediate loading implants are very desirable, but sitting down with your dentist to discuss what the best options are is always the right route to take. If you are interested in implants, this article may help you lean one way or the other.

The process of loading implants

When the dental implant is placed in the mouth, it is meant to mimic the missing tooth. The foregoing description of surgery and prosthetic loading dental implants is called lazy loading. Another method is called immediate loading. This consists in performing the surgery together with the load, meaning it already has a temporary prosthesis to cover the implant until the final is set. When the osseointegrated dental implant is made, the temporary is taken out and the final is put in. The whole process takes a few visits, but this process has plenty of benefits, especially aesthetically. One thing that the patient must do after undergoing implant surgery is maintaining great oral hygiene.

Dieting after surgery, including care

Immediately after surgery, it is recommended that the patient places ice on the area. When it comes to eating, especially during the first 24 hours, the best diet is a liquid or semi-liquid one. Dentists prefer a cold dairy based diet, which means yogurt, ice cream, etc. The recommendations rely heavily on where the Implant Dentist in Milwaukee, WI is placed. When it comes to replacing anterior teeth, it is probably best to not bite down until the dentists says it is alright.

Useful tips to consider

Before surgery:

  • Ensure the doctor evaluates you fully.
  • Medicate for 24 hours through antibiotics and analgesics.
  • Make sure the operating room is under aseptic conditions and the instrumental use is ready for surgery.
  • Follow the instructions of the dentist before and after the placement of the implant.
  • Guarantee that your dentist gives you clear instructions regarding dental implant hygiene, medications, diet to follow, foods to avoid, etc.

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