Uses of L-Arginine Supplements

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L-arginine, an amino acid, is found in dairy products, fish and red meat, as well as poultry. L-arginine supplements can be combined with various other over-the-counter and prescription medications. It will be converted by the body into a chemical referred to as nitric oxide. The body needs nitric oxide for a variety of functions, but one of the main ones is that of opening up the blood vessels to improve the blood flow throughout the body. Blood flow helps sexual dysfunction as well.

Nitric oxide also has the capacity of stimulating the release of insulin and human growth hormones. It is also vitally important in the body’s making of urea. This element is a waste element that dumps poisonous ammonia from the body. In general, l-arginine is deeply involved in the cleansing of toxins from the body.


L-arginine supplements will enable the blood to flow and surge through the arteries of the heart more efficiently. This will also enable an individual to obtain more endurance when working out in the gym. Those individuals suffering from angina heart anxiety will find relief with a program of l-arginine supplements. Arterial cleansing has a large impact on the normalizing of blood pressure and also of reducing the possibility of blood clots.


L-arginine supplements clean the arteries and promote blood flow, which are two things that put one on the map for anti-aging benefits. The HGH is a powerful anti-aging substance. L-arginine helps release these hormones in one’s body. Because this supplement helps release HGH, the bone density will increase.

Erectile Dysfunction

Of the 30 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, many find help from l-arginine because it increases blood flow by calming the blood vessels so the blood surge can go to the penis. Even though l-arginine is called natures Viagra, it does need to be taken every day and not just on the days on which a man may want to be intimate with his mate.

Lowering Cholesterol

L-arginine has been known to work well to lower cholesterol just as well as statin drugs and with fewer side effects. This means the cholesterol will not oxidize and clog vital arteries needed to transport blood throughout the body


Leg exhaustion and soreness generated because of cholesterol plaque that holds back blood flow to the legs is often referred to as claudication. This condition can be lessened by consuming l-arginine supplements.