Using a World Phone for Traveling Abroad

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Communications

When you make your travel plans, you have a lot to think about when it comes to packing, making reservations and perfecting your itinerary. One thing you might not think about is your cell phone and how you will communicate with friends and family back home. When you travel within the United States, your cell phone works with no problems. When you travel abroad, chances are your phone will not work. This is due to the fact the GSM systems are not compatible in the United States and various other countries. Most of the time, you will need an entirely new phone, rather than simply unlocking your current phone due to your phone’s capabilities. The best option for most everyone is to rent or purchase a world phone.

Uses for a World Phone

You might wonder what you would need a cell phone for while you are traveling abroad. Aside from the obvious of calling in to check with loved ones back home to let them know you arrived safely, you can also use it to make or check reservations, check on your flight status and for emergencies while traveling. No one wants to feel stranded without the ability to communicate with someone, especially in the face of an emergency.

Talk in Multiple Countries

When you rent or buy a world phone, you obtain cell phone service in more than 200 different countries. This is the perfect choice for travelers who are traveling for several weeks or even months at a time and are visiting several countries in the same visit. This eliminates the headaches of finding modes of communication in each country. One phone will work in every country, making your communications easy throughout your entire vacation.

Prepaid Fees

Many companies that offer the world phone offer prepaid fees. This allows you to stay in control of your cell phone bill while you travel abroad. The per-minute rate to talk on the phone while you are abroad is much higher than if you were in the United States. This could leave you with extremely high, unpleasant cell phone bills when you return home. That’s why the prepaid option of the world phone is a great choice for travelers. You will know exactly how many minutes you have at all times and are able to stay in control of your cell phone costs, keeping them reasonable and affordable for your travels.

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