Using Services in Moving and Storage in Chicago Will Streamline Your Planning Activities

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If you are planning a move in the near future, then you need to make sure the services you retain for moving and storage in Chicago are first-rate. People in the area often rely on companies such as Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. Choosing a local company can help make your move more streamlined and fast. Plus, when you use a mover that is highly recommended, you will feel much more assured that your move will be efficient and safe.

Planning for Your Move

About 30 to 60 days before you meet moving and storage professionals for your move, you should get rid of any clutter that you won’t move to your new residence. You also need to audit each room, or take an inventory. If you don’t have one in place already, create a list of all your appliances and electronics and categorize them by their model and serial number.

You also need to notify your insurance company about your move and arrange to disconnect your utilities, telephone, and cable services. Arrange to have your appliances disconnected as well, including electrical objects and chandeliers. Collect valuable paperwork, make copies of the documents, and place them in a safe location or storage. Give your mover the exact address of your new home and indicate any major intersections, if necessary.

Ten Days Before You Move

About ten days before you move, you will need to pack suitcases with your personal items and make a list of the items you will be moving in your car. If possible, place these items in one room in your home. Make sure the labels for your possessions are clearly marked. Do not move the items your movers will be moving.

On Moving Day

On the day of your move, pack your toiletries and other personal items. Make sure you are at the location when the movers arrive, in case they have any questions. When the loading is completed, survey your residence to make sure you have not left anything behind. Visit at Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc for more information.