Varicose Vein Surgery Works When Other Treatments Don’t

David K. Hiranaka M.D., D.M.DYou’ve tried everything else, and now you’re looking for another option. Maybe you’ve been using home remedies to treat your varicose veins and it’s just not working. Or maybe you’ve exhausted laser and sclerotherapy options without seeing the results you want. When the less invasive treatments fail, it’s time to consider varicose vein surgery to hide or remove your visible veins. While surgery of any kind can be an unnerving experience, vein surgery is actually a simple procedure.

Knotting to Stop Clotting
In varicose vein surgery, the vein can either be tied off or removed completely. Tying off the vein accomplishes the same job as laser treatment and sclerotherapy. Tying a varicose vein keeps blood from reaching the vein. Without a blood supply, the visible vein will collapse and eventually disappears under the skin, removing the unsightly blemish from view. When laser surgery or sclerotherapy don’t work, tying off the vein is an effective next step for hiding a varicose vein.

Remove It to Fix It
If the vein is removed, there will be no chance of recurrence of the problem. Complete removal keeps the vein from ever being a problem again. If other treatments have failed for you in the past, removing the vein could be the best option. Removing the vein will cause the blood flow to reroute to a healthier vein, giving your body the chance to supply itself with the nutrients it needs more easily. In both cases, some scarring may occur as with any surgical procedure. Varicose veins may also appear elsewhere if their initial cause is not treated.

Enjoy Your Recovery
Once the vein is either tied off or removed, you can expect some recovery time. The time spent recovering from the surgery will be more than worth it when you see how beautiful your skin looks without the blemish of varicose veins. Removing the varicose veins through surgery will restore your confidence in the way you look. You’ll be able to walk outside in the hot weather without being compelled to cover up completely like it’s still cold outside. Enjoy the freedom of taking care of those troubling varicose veins through surgery.

Choosing to have varicose veins removed through surgery can be a big decision. You can speak to the specialists at to choose the right option for you.