Washing & Caring For Your Lacrosse Equipment

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Sports & Games

To be able to participate in a game of lacrosse, you need to maintain the relevant lacrosse equipment. This may include items such as sticks, helmets, mouth guards, vests, shorts, socks, shoes and gloves. Although male and female lacrosse equipment may slightly differ, the necessity of wearing it during a game will be equal for both genders. Because of its importance, you need to care for the equipment so that they will last for many years to come. If you have just purchased new lacrosse equipment or if you are planning to, be sure to implement the following tips to make them last a lifetime.

Lacrosse Equipment – Clothing

Clothing may need replacing more often than the general lacrosse equipment, like the balls and the stick. This is because this close-contact sport can cause the clothing to lose their condition and any falls to the ground will result in faded colors, thinning and possible rips. Because of this, it is worth acquiring a number of different vests and shorts, so that should you need to throw a pair out, you will be prepared for the next game. To wash the clothing after each game simply use a mild detergent and dry them properly.
Lacrosse Equipment – Remove Dirt Particles

Now you will focus on the lacrosse equipment. The lacrosse stick will come into contact with the ground, the ball and other player’s sticks so it is likely that it may be encased in dirt after a game. Therefore you should use a dry towel to brush off any dirt particles prior to washing them. This is so that the dirt does not get encrusted further and cause the lacrosse heads to crack or split. Be sure to brush down all items immediately after a game using either a thick towel or a bristle brush.

Lacrosse Equipment – Soak In Mild Detergent

Just like you would use mild detergent to wash your lacrosse clothes, you should also soak your lacrosse equipment in a mild detergent. This helps it to maintain its condition while cleaning it thoroughly. Begin by filling up a bucket or the bathtub with warm water and pour in the detergent before immersing the equipment in the water. After about 20 minutes, you should be able to remove the equipment and if after this time they are still sprinkled with dirt, you ought to leave them soak for longer. It is best to dry your equipment outside so that they air out quickly, because if they remain damp, they could lose their quality. Focus on doing this after every game to avoid problems with your equipment.

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