Way using Treatments Involving a Dental Implant in Manassas can be Beneficial

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Most people who have missing teeth are looking for ways to replace their missing teeth so the look and feel natural. While there are several types of treatments designed to help a person with this of dental issue, some treatments used to replace the missing teeth can look unnatural and often cause pain. Because of this, many dentists are recommending treatments involving the use of a dental implant in Manassas to deal with the problem.

dental implants can offer patients who have lost teeth a way to replace those teeth in a manner, which is designed to mimic how natural teeth grow in the mouth. A dental implant consists of a metal rod being surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone. This acts as the dental root. A dental appliance or tooth will then be attached to the rod to complete the dental implant. This gives the patient a replacement tooth, which looks natural and feels much like a natural tooth feels in the mouth. In addition, because of the rod, the replacement tooth will be stable, which can prevent a lot of pain and discomfort.

Before a dentist can place a dental implant in Manassas in a patient’s mouth, they must first conduct tests to determine if the patient’s jawbone can support the implants. This is important as many times when a person has missing teeth, the density of their jawbone will begin to diminish. When this happens, the jawbone erodes and there is less of it available for the patient to use for the dental implants. If this has occurred, a patient may need to have other forms of dental implants, which do not involve placing rods into the jawbone.

If the patient has enough bone density in their jaw, the dentist will place a metal rod made of titanium or another type of biocompatible material into the jawbone. The rod will then need to be given time to bond with the jawbone in a ways similar to the fusion of a tooth root and the jawbone. This creates the stability the dental appliance will need when it is attached. Dental appliances can be single crowns or multiple teeth such as in bridges or dentures. These will be permanently affixed to the dental rods.

Once these procedures are completed, the patient will have replacement teeth, which look great and feel natural. This can be a great asset for eating, smiling and speaking.